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Veer-O-Metals, is a leading pioneer in Metal Stamping that offers high quality and reliable custom stamping service.Over 5 decades of experience in stamping business, we take pride in manufacturing precision metal stamping parts and components for diverse industries.

How we do it

  • Our custom metal stamping constitutes of sheet metal stamping processes that involves custom tooling and techniques to produce sheet metal parts specified by the customer seeking high volume and high value metal stamping parts and shapes using a variety of stamping materials.
  • Veer-O-Metals manufactures compound and stage tools as well as progressive tools which is used for progressive die stamping.
  • Veer-O-Metals has a dedicated facility with state of the art WEDM machines for manufacturing stamping tools.
  • Our experienced tooling team uses turnkey services to work with you to manufacture a part that meets your requirements.
  • Veer-O-Metals has an integrated design and manufacturing facility for designing and manufacturing stamping tools all under one roof. This makes us ideal for producing metal stamped parts as per the customer’s specifications using latest technology and trends prevalent in the respective industries.
  • Post completing the metal stamping, we impart our advanced software that contributes in enhancing the design and checking simulation.
  • We utilize metal additive technology to build and check prototypes from our end.

Why Choose Us

  • We implement cost effective solutions and techniques throughout the sheet metal stamping process.
  • Integrated facility for manufacturing of stamping tools and parts.
  • We guarantee customized precision metal stamping with expected turn-around time.
  • Expertise in high complex custom products catering to your industry.
  • We use the most innovative technology in designing and manufacturing of stamping tools.
  • A large scaled stamping manufacturing facility to cater your need when there is an unexpected increase in demand for the stamped parts.
  • Progressive die stamping is best utilized for metal parts with complex geometry to meet faster turnaround time, lower labour cost, shorter run length and higher repeatability.
  • We have a strong tool design team which uses the latest CAD and CAM software.
  • We are active globally. We supply our metal stamping parts to Iindia, North America, Europe and Australia.
  • Ability to manufacture parts with high aesthetic requirements.
  • Capability to manufacture stamped parts with various surface treatments like ED coating, painting, plating and powder coating.
  • Our wide range of metal stamping presses from 20 - ton to 400 - ton offers great flexibility in meeting the client requirements.

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