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What is Metal Stamping?

Used mostly in manufacturing industry, metal stamping is a process of creating a specific shape in metal. This process of stamping, also known as pressing, is done by placing a flat sheet of metal into a stamping press that uses tools and dies to transform the flat metal into a desired shape.The piece of flat sheet placed in the sheet stamping press is known as blanks. The process of stamping involves several stamping techniques like punching, blanking, bending, piercing, coining, embossing and flanging.

Benefits of Metal Stamping

  • Cost effective where batch size and annual volumes are high. It is one of the main reasons for bigger companies to utilize this method. It saves on the processing time speeding up the production that requires less machine use and less labor time. When a company requires thousands of small, precise machine parts in bulk metal stamping should be utilized to reduce the overall cost of production.
  • Complicated profiles can be manufactured with better repeatability. Generally, metal stamping help run larger volumes without die degradation. It means that the quality of the metal parts is better with much less failed parts which might become an overhead cost.
  • No secondary operations. Unlike a traditional process with multiple setups, metal stamping performs the operation in one setup resulting in faster and cost-effective production of parts in bulk. It thus helps in creating more parts in lesser time.
  • Better material optimization.As there are lesser number of failed parts hence there is less wastage of the metal sheets or blanks. It means that the material is used to its optimum level.
  • Higher throughput compared to conventional fabrication. The reduction in processing time of each precise part helps in increasing throughput. This is achieved by producing less failed parts due to which the part rejection rate is minimized. It also means minimizing physical prototyping wherever possible to increase efficiency and achieve higher throughput.

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