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Metal Stamping Materials

Veer-O-Metals works with a vast range of stamping materials to satisfy the most demanding specifications of the clients. Our equipment is capable of handling a wide variety of thicknesses and finishes.

We have the capability to do stamping on a variety of base material, which include :

Different grades of Steel Stamping

Veer-O-Metals manufactures steel parts to meet the needs of specific stamped steel applications. Steel of 0.5mm- 5mm thickness with different grades like cold rolled steel, galvanized and non-galvanized, medium to high carbon steels are used to manufacture stamped steel parts using sheet metal pressing.

Stainless Steel Stamping

Veer-O-metals manufactures custom stainless steel stamping parts of grades 304,316,430 and 301 with special surface finishing.

Aluminium Stamping

Veer-O-Metals manufactures custom precision aluminium stamping parts of different grades like 5052, 5754,1050,1060, etc with touch of experienced expertise who are well equipped to produce high quality stamped aluminium parts for our customers.

Copper Stamping

Veer-O-Metals Stamping manufactures custom copper stamping parts which are used across industries for products including electronics, aerospace and automotive applications.


  • Thickness of strip ranging between 0.5 mm-5 mm.
  • Bare stamping parts without surface treatment.
  • Plated, CED coated and powder coated finishes.
  • Parts with heat treatment.

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