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Additive Manufacturing & 3D Printing are interchangeable terms as they both describe the same process. It’s a technology where 3D parts are produced layer by layer from a material.

Additive manufacturing Process

The Additive manufacturing Process involves uploading your Computer-Aided-Design (CAD) designs directly to 3D Printer to deposit material, layer upon layer, in precise geometric shapes creating the desired Metal 3D model.

Metal Additive Manufacturing

Metal Additive Manufacturing or Metal 3D Printing is Production of 3D Parts layer by layer from a metal Material.

The print head moves horizontally and vertically and puts a new layer of build material with every pass making it possible to manufacture objects using a variety of materials.

The Metal Additive Manufacturing Technique is also involves using 3D object scanners to scan the object and direct 3D Printer to deposit material, layer upon layer creating the metal 3D Model.

This technology makes it possible for manufacturers to produce complex metal parts without any design constraints of traditional manufacturing. There are numerous benefits of 3D printing over Traditional Manufacturing namely no design constraints and complex parts can be corrected and printed quickly.

Metal Additive Manufacturing Materials

The most common Metal Additive Manufacturing Materials are namely Aluminum Alloy - AISi10Mg, Super/ Nickel Alloy - Inconel 718, PH1, GP1 and CX, Inconel 625 and HX, Stainless Steel - SS316L, Titanium - Ti6AI4V and Ti6AI4V ELI, Cobalt Chrome- MP1, Maraging Steel- MS1, Copper- CU etc.

Metal Additive Manufacturing Applications

There are numerous Metal Additive Manufacturing Applications as Additive Manufacturing is ideal for production of Low Volume and speciality Parts. We can design Functional Metal Prototypes, spare and obsolete Parts, Surgical and Dental Implants, Jewellery and decorative Arts and custom Tools quickly.

Metal Additive Manufacturing Advantages

There are numerous Metal Additive Manufacturing Advantages namely

  • • Design Flexibility - Use Smarter Design Geometries
  • • Quick Evaluation of Designs
  • • Create Complex Parts to deliver Maximum Performance
  • • Eliminate Tooling and Fixture Costs
  • • Rapid Product Development
  • • Low Raw Material Wastage
  • • Simplify Supply Chain using On Demand Tooling

Benefits of Metal Additive Manufacturing (Metal 3D - Printing) in Aerospace, Space, Defense, Automotive, Tooling, Oil & Gas Industry

We are outlining the benefit of Metal Additive Manufacturing across various Industries

  • • Create Complex Parts to deliver Maximum Performance
  • • Use Smarter Design Geometries
  • • Eliminate Tooling and Fixture Costs
  • • Increase Durability and Lifecycle of Parts

Benefits of Metal Additive Manufacturing in Defense Industry

  • • Rapid Product Development
  • • Reduce Part Weight by Producing optimised components
  • • Low Raw Material Wastage
  • • Produce Custom Spares and Components

Benefits of Metal Additive Manufacturing in Automotive Industry

  • • Design of 3D Printed Scale Models
  • • Prototype Validation in Pre - Manufacturing Stage
  • • Produce Samples and Tools at Low Cost
  • • Produce Custom and Lightweight Parts

Benefits of Metal Additive Manufacturing in Oil & Gas Industry

  • • Design Flexibility & Faster Product Development
  • • Economic Low Volume Production
  • • Faster Re-Manufacturing of High Value Components
  • • Simplyfy Supply Chain using On Demand Tooling

Veer-O-Metals is one of the leading Metal Additive Manufacturing company In India offering complete Metal 3D Printing Solution across Industries namely Aerospace, Space, Defense, Automotive, Heat Sink, Oil and Gas, Product Development, Conformal Cooling, Medical, Digital Inventory etc.

Veer-O-Metals (VOM) was established in 1965 and has augmented cutting edge manufacturing technology in the field of metal additive manufacturing which is an automatic process of manufacturing objects (Parts, Prototypes, tools & even assemblies) directly from their CAD models without any cutter, tools and jigs & fixtures.

As an organization VOM holds equal responsibility in meeting the industry standards, which keep us abreast of all the mandatory certifications, needed for a healthy sustenance. VOM has obtained the below certifications to meet the standards.

  • • AS 9100D: Certified ISO 9001
  • • ISO-45001:2018
  • • EN 15085 LL-C (Certification)
  • • ISO 14001: 2015
  • • Certified IATF 16949: 2016
  • • ISO 27001: 2013

You can call us at +91- 9739991967 or contact us at sales@veerometals.com or visit www.veerometals.com for all you Additive Manufacturing requirements.

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